Corporate Clients

Do you accept corporate commissions?


Yes, I do take corporate commissions.


My artwork has been commissioned by a number of businesses, companies and government organisations, and I am very happy to accept corporate commissions to create art for corporate clients in Australia and overseas.


My commission prices for corporate artworks commence at $5000 plus GST.


I have very limited availability for commissions for the remainder of 2021,


NOTE: the above price is the minimum price for the artwork. The final cost may be more dependent on complexity of the individual piece.


Costs for any required canvas stretching and framing, and delivery are additional and can be advised to clients once the piece is completed.


I have been frequently asked if I can deliver the painting in person. This is possible within the Riverina area however travel may be charged depending on the location. For clients further away travel and accommodation costs for delivering in person are passed on to the client.

Custom sizing or installation pieces:


Where a custom sized commission canvas or installation piece is required, a quote will be advised that will include the anticipated costing based on the size of the piece.

Costs associated with canvas stretching, framing, delivery, and additional materials are passed on to the client.


What are the timeframes for commissions?


Timeframes to create a commission depend on the size of the artwork and the design complexity, and most of my art is hours and hours of work for each piece.


Currently I have a number of pieces in production, so there is an approximate 6 month wait for the finished artwork.


Commission deposit:


The deposit required to confirm a commission is 50%.


To request a commission, please email




Do you do corporate workshops?


Yes, I love doing art workshops, especially if they have a focus on assisting people with mental health issues and helping to break down the stigmas associated with people struggling with their mental health.

I can run workshops ranging from 2-4 hours. I am available to run workshops in Australia and overseas.


For corporate workshops, I will quote based on the number of people participating in the workshop, as well as the supplies required for participants. There will be a minimum cost included in the quote.


All costs for travel, meals and accommodation are passed on to the corporate client for these workshops. For large events this cost may also extend to cover an assistant travelling with me.


Please email corporate workshop enquiries to


Can you do a speaking engagement or presentation to our company?


I am available to attend businesses, companies or organisations both in Australia and internationally to speak or present, however my preference is to run a workshop in conjunction with the speaking engagement.


The costs for this will be dependent on the specific requirements for the speaking engagement or presentation.


All costs for travel, meals and accommodation are passed on to the corporate client for these engagements.


Please email corporate speaking or presentation enquiries to


Do you do on-site stalls?


Yes, I can be booked to bring a selection of my artworks to set up a display in your company headquarters or offices for a day.


The preference for this is to be in a high-traffic area such as a foyer where I can interact and engage with staff and have a good visual scope for people to see my artworks.


Dependent on the location of the office, costs for travel and accommodation may be required and if so, are passed on to the business.


Please email on-site stall enquiries to