Wiradjuri artist Owen Lyons has been involved with the creation and sale of Aboriginal art for over 30 years. Owen was a young child when first exposed to Aboriginal art by his father. His father demonstrated the centrality of painting in Aboriginal culture and as an adult; Owen continued to learn his technique from his older brother Michael (Sandhill Artifacts) and went on to develop his own unique style, but still gives his brother a lot of credit for the artist he has become today.

Owen’s art is in the traditional dot painting style with a focus particularly on the Murrumbidgee River area of South West, New South Wales.

Owen regularly visits galleries and museums around Australia seeking inspiration, and often watches respected Aboriginal artists and craftspeople at work, sometimes collaborating with them.

In 2015, Owen underwent a kidney transplant after being on dialysis for 7 years prior and also watched his only son develop a serious mental condition (Schizophrenia). This was a major turning point in his life but it also became the motivation and drive of the artist he is becoming. “It really is a source of therapy. Once I start painting, I seem to find a calm place where everything happening in my life comes to a pause”. A specific attribute that stands out with Owens artwork is the way he incorporates the strenuous emotions suffered by mental illness patients and families upon himself and shows it throughout his artwork; Patience, time consuming, planning, learning, building confidence and life values are the ones that are closely related in the painting.

‘I am a proud Wiradjuri man and I live and paint on Wiradjuri Country’.